Old School Leadership

This full day program will cover How to become an effective Company Officer:

  • Taking the promotion or not
  • The mission
  • Responsibilities
  • Culture / creating culture
  • Reputation / credibility
  • Building Pride
  • How to “Talk the Talk”- but most importantly – “Walk the Walk”
  • Respect vs. Authority
  • Moral – managing the Troops
  • Dealing with personalities, politics & egos 
  • Leading by example
  • Having a mentor / being a mentor
  • Setting goals
  • Education vs. training
  • Your supervisors expectations of you as a Company Officer
  • Your Troops expectations of you as a Company Officer
  • Your expectations of your Troops as a Company Officer
  • Overview of emergency scene operations: Fire / EMS / Sp. Ops

This program can be customized to address the needs of your organization.

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